The Barony of Bryn Gwlad Proudly presents

Candlemas Feast

February 6, 2010
San Gabriel Community Center
San Gabriel Park, Georgetown, TX

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It is February 2, 1559.

Elizabeth ascended to the throne just over two months ago, upon the death of her sister Mary Tudor (known as Bloody Mary); but it has been barely two weeks since Queen Elizabeth I was Crowned Queen of England. As England emerges from the shackles of Roman Catholic-based rule, and the Coronation celebrations fade, they don't know what to make of their new sovereign. All they know is that this is now a time of celebration as an era of Catholic oppression ends and the hope of a new era of Protestant freedom begins.

All over London, people rejoice and celebrate the first Candlemas of Elizabeth's reign. Elizabeth I is expected to make an appearance at Bryn Gwlad's Candlemas Celebration. Feast halls, inns and taverns all over the town prepare sumptuous meals as the citizenry revel in their newfound hope.

Remember that though they have not yet grasped it, England is experiencing the end of the Tudor period as Elizabeth begins to establish herself. She is still her father's daughter. The whole of England has yet to see the Golden Age she will later bring.

Rumors abound that Queen Elizabeth is making a progress around the city. There will be much anticipation. Those who are skilled may have a chance to impress Her Majesty England with their works.

Bryn Gwlad will be hosting a sumptuous winter feast in celebration of Candlemas. Their Excellncies will also be hosting contests to choose Their Baronial A&S Champion and Their Baronial Bard. There will be many A&S classes throughout the day, a quest through Queen Elizabeth's court, and a Cut and Thrust tournament outside. The evening will feature a feast interspersed with revelry and dancing, all followed by Ansteorran Royal Court and Bryn Gwlad Baronial Court.

ACCEPS is now available and you are encouraged to use it if you wish to guarantee you will get feast and a beautiful site token.
Adult Site Fee: ages 18 and over $ 10.00; Minor Site Fee: ages 11 to 17 $ 6.00; Child Site Fee: ages 10 and under $ 0.00(free).
Feast Fee: ages 18 and over $ 8.00; Feast Fee: Child ages 11 to 17 $ 6.00; Feast: under 11 ages 10 and under $ 0.00(free, if they sit still to eat at all!)
Family Max: $30. A $3 non-member surcharge will apply to any adult without proof of membership.
Make checks payable to: SCA Inc. Barony of Bryn Gwlad.

Minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. They may also attend with a 21 year or older adult with a signed and notarized Minor Event Waiver Form from the parents. Children under 12 years old must be attended at all times by a responsible adult or teenager.
Site is wet, period containers are encouraged. Dancing is allowed. Pets are not allowed.
The Gate opens Satuday Februrary 6 at 9am; the Hall closes at 10pm for cleanup.

Activites planned:

  • a Cut and Thrust Tournament
  • A&S Classes
  • Bryn Gwlad's Baronial Bard Contest
  • Bryn Gwlad's Baronial Artisan Contest
  • A Youth Artisan Contest
  • Nobles Luncheon
  • Quest through Elizabeth's Court
  • Bringing of the Light Ceremony
  • Candlemas Feast
  • Dancing and Revelry and more Dancing
  • Baronial and Royal Courts

We will be hosting at Food Drive at Candlemas to replenish sotres recently depleted by a larger than anticipated Christmas need. Non-perishable food items may be brought to the gate. See the most needed items here: Food Bank List

Head Steward Co-Steward Feast Cook
Lord Johann Kiefer Haydon Doņa Amelotte Lisette du Blamont Lord Alfred Huddlestone
Paul E. Kiefer, Jr. Lisa York Joseph Featherling

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